Meet the PTSO Board


Christie Amato & Kristi Colvin - Co-President

The leaders of the pack!  Christie and Kristi (yes, we know) are creative problem solvers who keep us focused on the agenda.   They supervise all of the activities of the organization, delegate tasks, preside at general PTSO meetings and are the primary contacts to the principal, Mr. Bassett. 

Co-Vice President


Dragana Tkacenko & Jennifer Zaccheus

Dragana and Jennifer help the Co-Presidents get things done - kind of like a superhero's sidekick, but without the silly costume. 



Ashley Hermes & Roxie Covell

Ashley and Roxie use their stellar skills to help keep the community up to date via flyers and social media. 



Cami Bronson

Cami crunches the numbers and accounts for every penny we raise to fund important projects for our school.



Liz Summerville

Liz is the face of our PTSO membership and helps it grow one family at a time. She also organizes helpers for PTSO events and helps volunteers plug in to our school community. 

Staff Appreciation


Nicole Gust & Kelsie Jackson

Nicole and Kelsie work together to show our teachers and staff how much we love them and appreciate all they do for our kiddos everyday! 

Falcon Fathers


Chris Pawlowski

Chris (Mr. PTSO) leads the brigade of Finley Fathers ready to support the organization's needs.  

"Tell me where to be and what to do." 

School Events/Marketing/Graphics


Alexa Tieu

Alexa makes sure the PTSO supports all school events and initiatives like T-Shirts, Yearbook and Box Tops!

Marketing guru and creator of awesome graphics. 

Web Design


Andre Russell

Hi!  I designed this thing  <(^_^)>

Thanks for supporting our wonderful school!